How much do fuel conversions cost?

Fuel conversion cost depends on the type of fuel you select, your vehicle’s engine, size and resulting restrictions. Factors such as tank size and installation must be considered. Natural gas conversion cost is not standard as there are many variables to consider. Please book an appointment for a free evaluation.

Why convert to propane or natural gas?

- Propane or Natural Gas vehicles cost significantly less to operate than gasoline or diesel.
- Propane and Natural Gas are much more stable in price than gasoline or diesel.
- Propane and Natural Gas are both low carbon fuels and leave a lot less deposits in your engine.
- Propane and Natural Gas are cleaner burning and environmentally friendly
- Propane or Natural Gas ensures your vehicle is the most cost effective it can be.

How long does a conversion take?

A Natural Gas or Propane Conversion can take anywhere from one to five days, again, depending on the type of vehicle and propane or natural gas system being installed.

Do my fuel conversion service requirements differ from gasoline?

No, all maintenance remains the same as before, although some severe duty vehicles require different spark plugs and shorter replacement intervals. All other service intervals are the same as gasoline.

Are there any grants for conversions?

Fortis currently offers a Natural Gas conversion grant of up to $2500 per conversion. There are currently no propane conversions grants available.

How much can you save by converting? 

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