Virtually any gasoline-powered vehicle can be converted to Propane or Natural Gas.


Virtually any normally aspirated, gasoline engine can be converted to run on propane or natural gas. Because the location of the propane tank is different for every vehicle, the only limitations are physical. 


Both fuels are great but one of them will be better suited for your needs. Contact us to help you figure out which one.


Propane and Natural Gas have been completely safe, effective and proven fuels in Canada for more than 30 years with tens of thousands of vehicles converted and with millions of kilometers safely driven. 


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Convert Your Vehicle to Propane (LPG) or Natural Gas (CNG)



Excel Fuel Conversions is fully certified and has been converting cars and trucks to propane and natural gas for nearly thirty years. Converting your vehicle to propane or natural gas is the easiest way to save money on your fuel costs


Propane (LPG) and Natural Gas (CNG) are excellent fuel alternatives as they are clean burning fuels that help ease the burden of pollution in the environment.


How much can you save by converting?  Click on the link below.

Best in Industry Warranty:  3 Year / 60,000KM

Excel Fuel Conversions will diagnose, repair and replace any faulty parts or labor. In fact, we are so confident about our propane and natural gas conversions that we are extending the warranty for free!*

Environment & health benefits


By converting your vehicle to propane you will not only save money on fuel, but you can reduce your carbon footprint by an estimated 27% annually per vehicle! Propane and Natural Gas are nontoxic and non-poisonous so vehicles burning these clean fuels will have reduced levels of harmful air pollutants and greenhouse gasses.

How much can you save by converting?  Click on the link below.


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How much can you save by converting?