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Tips for driving in Winter Weather.

If you live where there is snowfall, you have seen either those overconfident drives who blow by you on the snowy roads; and those drivers who are fearful to be on the road. We want to share some tips to make you a confident and safe driver when the conditions are less than ideal.

Know your vehicle and how to drive smoothly.

We say this cause a major key in safe driving in the snow is being smooth with your steering wheel, accelerator, and brakes. But why you may ask? Jerky movements easily unstick tires that have a good grip on the slippery roads. This means that every turn of the steering wheel, every push of the brakes and movement of throttle must be gentle and gradual. Try not to be moving in a hurry and take your time slowing down since the vehicle's reaction time on snowy/icy roads just aren’t the same.

Increase your distance between you and the vehicle you are behind.

The increase of an extra 5-6 seconds between you and another vehicle will safely provide you extra time for reaction, and for your vehicle to stop if needed. This rule should go hand in hand with looking further ahead while driving. The slipperier it gets, the father down the road you should look; this will help you anticipate any hazards that may be coming up.

Drive slowly.

We can’t say this one enough. We all know those speed limit signs are the recommended speed on ideal road conditions; this means slush, ice and snow do not fall in that category. Slow down to make sure you are more aware of your surrounding and the drivers around you. Giving yourself that extra time to drive that little bit slower is only going to keep you safe.

Make sure you have good fit winter tires.

Have a good set of winter tires is essential for keeping your traction on winter roads. It is the best thing you can do to improve your safety margin and reduce your anxiety levels in unsafe road conditions. Proper winter tires provide far more traction in the slush, snow and ice than even the best set of all-season tires.

If you feel unsafe on the roads and it is unnecessary to go out, stay home. Enjoy being inside all cozy and watching the world turn into a winter wonderland. By doing this not only are you helping yourself, but you are keeping others on the road safe as well. Being an unconfident driver puts not only you, but others at risk.

If you do go out during winter condition, remember to always have at least a half a tank of gas just incase you get yourself in a sticky situation; have gold wear gear in your car such as extra food, water, warm clothing, blanket and flashlight. And always make sure to follow the safety rules of the road.

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